To learn is one thing, and to take what we have learned and DISCERN what actions we will take to best support our Quaker testimonies is another. Where do we go to learn? Who do we believe? 

This is a common question and concern for all who seek to make this world a better place. The Religious Society of Friends is different from other denominations; we do not follow a set creed. This puts just about everything up for discussion which was most certainly true for the film/discussion committee as we met numerous times attempting to choose the films for 2024. One thing we quickly agreed on: freshly popped popcorn and other healthy snacks for all. Admission is by donation. 

Join us January 20: for “Voices Across the Divide” film with a follow-up discussion by Matthew Legge, the Communication Coordinator for the Canadian Friends Service Committee, and author of Are We Done Fighting? From 6:30pm – 9:00pm This, like many of our film and discussion series, is a difficult topic and we hope you come with your minds open and your hearts prepared.

Film Summary: Voices Across the Divide explores the Israeli/Palestinian conflict through rarely heard personal stories. Narrated by Alice Rothchild, an American Jew raised on the tragedies of the Holocaust and the dream of a Jewish homeland in Israel, the film follows her personal journey as she begins to
understand the Palestinian narrative, while exploring the Palestinian experience of loss, occupation, statelessness, and immigration to the US. The documentary is both a personal journey to understand the Palestinian narrative as well as the implications and contradictions of deeply held cultural beliefs in the Jewish community.

SAVE THE DATES for upcoming film / speaker series Learn. Discern. Act. Hope. Repeat.

February 17: 6:30pm – 9:00pm and also March 16, 2024: 6:30pm – 9pm 

Note: these films and topics are aimed at adults. See you at the Meetinghouse.