Fundraising for Service Projects

We have been busy making and selling Quaker Calm Tea as well as Quaker Calm Soap. We will have a booth at the Horton Farmer’s Christmas Market in St. Thomas on Saturday, November 20, 2012. We are planning on donating to a variety of initiatives and the following describes the programs we will support through our fundraising:

Indigenous Sovereign Seed program 

Sovereign Seeds is an Indigenous-led initiative doing incredible  

seed sovereignty work. SeedChange is supporting Sovereign  

Seeds’ growth and vision, as part of our commitment to  

Indigenous food leadership and food justice. 

Indigenous communities in North America have long been singing  

to, praying for, and dancing with the seeds that nurtured them  

through centuries of oppression and colonial violence. This  

oppression continues today in many forms, including food insecurity, which impacts Indigenous people  disproportionately. 

COVID-19 exacerbates food insecurity and injustice. Seeds are at the heart of the issue. Like other seed farmers, Indigenous seed keepers are experiencing increased demand for seeds from  their communities. With small seed supplies, this can result in difficult decisions: gifting seed for food,  at the risk of losing ancestral varieties. Sovereign Seeds has responded to the challenge by facilitating  the COVID-19 Indigenous Seed Crisis Response Circle to support seed keepers this growing season. 

Ignite Youth Centre 

Ignite strives to provide an environment and opportunities  

that will spark and support our Youth’s passion to learn,  

grow, explore, be creative, be themselves, ask questions,  

become part of our Community and spark change in our  

Community! Ignite is fun, supportive and inclusive. We  

offer age appropriate activities, programs and  

opportunities for all Youth in a wide array of areas such as  

recreation, leadership, arts and culture, education,  

prevention and awareness, and volunteering in an accessible environment. 

Ignite supports and encourages Youth to aim high and achieve their goals. We support our Youth in  becoming active and responsible participants in our Community. We partner with a number of  key organizations throughout St. Thomas and Elgin such as the YWCA, CMHA, F&CS, Public Health and  TVDSB. 

Chairs we Purchased Last Year for the Ignite Centre being Enjoyed

St. Thomas Food Bank 

Local Youth at Risk 

We also work with the YWCA and other local service providers, to support youth aged 16 to 24 living  independently. 

Our wish is to provide these youth with some basic supports, coupled with an awareness that they are a  part of a community that wants them to survive and thrive. Our main initiative is providing heart-felt  and homemade holiday gifts. 

“Deep within us all there is an amazing sanctuary of the soul, a holy place, a Divine Center, a speaking Voice, to which we may  continuously return. Eternity is at our hearts, pressing upon our time-torn lives, warming us with intimations of an astounding destiny, calling us home to Itself A Testament of Devotion, a Quaker classic by Thomas R. Kelly (1893 – 1941)