Upcoming Events

Repurposed Throw Pillow

Quaker Fundraiser for Service Projects will be held at Wildflowers Xmas Farmers Market on November 21, 12:00-4:00. https://wildflowers.farm. We will be selling upcycled/ repurposed throw pillows and covers as well as beeswax wraps and Quaker Calm Soap. Please come and bring your friends.

Beeswax wraps drying on the line.

Input for Canadian Yearly Meeting Needed

The Change and Sustainable Transformation Working Group has been formed to gather input on what we'd like the future of Canadian Yearly Meeting (CYM) to look like.

Yarmouth Monthly Meeting at our next business meeting at 10am on Nov 15 wants to hear your input on the format or structure of CYM. This info as well as that from other regional meetings and worship groups will be brought forward at an online meeting on Nov 29. To attend either meeting with an emailed link via zoom contact us via email.